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About Me

I started playing golf about ten years ago. I fell in love with the feeling of being outdoors, surrounded by fresh air and green grass. I love how quiet and peaceful it is on the golf course.

To me, there's just something special about golf. I'm always having fun with my girlfriends or husband on the course. I always look forward to a cold beer after I play (yes, I even love golf course restaurants!). And I love to look around in pro shops for the coolest new gear.

I'm not a great golfer. I do it for fun, which is a great thing since I have a long way to go to become great. I do want to improve my game though, which is why I developed a golf journal to help me track my practices and rounds - and to record those fun moments on the course with my friends and family.

An always aspiring entrepreneur, I love developing products to help people reach goals. I founded SporteeGal Journals in 2008 after my son Jake was born. I was writing in his baby book everyday, documenting his every new move and development, when it occurred to me that a journal would be a great tool for sporty gals who like to set goals and track their progress. A company was born!

My very first journal in the SporteeGal collection was the golf journal. I thought, what better way to make a living then to combine two things that I really enjoy; journaling and golf.

In marketing the golf journal, I came across several other great golf companies by women entrepreneurs including Tracey Lynn Golf, Madcapz and Keri Golf, just to name a few. I decided a website devoted to lady golfers and the great companies that cater to them, was the next natural step in doing what I love. That's how was born.

I appreciate you visiting and would love to hear your suggestions, feedback and tips for the site. Afterall, LGC is for you! I also encourage you to sign up for the Ladies Golf Central e-newsletter (below) for updates and the latest happenings here at LGC!

Happy Golfing!

Susan Osborne

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