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Exercises for Golfers

"Exercises for golfers? I'm not running a marathon here and I always rent a golf cart. Why do I need to exercise for golf?

Have you ever thought this? I'm actually guilty of it. I see old men with beer belly's golfing everyday, why should I worry about exercises for golfers? Well, the truth is, exercise can not only prevent injury, but it can also improve your golf swing, therefore lowering your golf score. Now we all want that, right?
Exercises for golfers
I'm a jogger so I stay pretty fit in general. But I haven't been so great at stretching and working the muscles that can take a beating on the course. Your back, neck, shoulders, arms and even your knees are really put at risk for injury if you're not properly prepared.

(Editor note: I use my SporteeGal Fitness Journal (below) to jot down all my workouts and meals. Its a great way to set goals and stay motivated!)

Fitness Journal
The added benefit of golf workouts is that you work muscles that will help you to have a more controlled, stronger swing (we can't always blame the clubs for a bad swing, right?).

You experienced ladies out there I'm sure can weigh in on the importance of being fit for the course. No, you don't need to be a bodybuilding, fitness fanatic. But you do need to give your body a little fitness love before swinging those clubs.

Below are links for more information on various exercises for golfers, including basic stretches, pilates and yoga for golf.  

Golf Stretches

Golf stretchesSimple golf stretches can make a big difference in your game (and how you feel after your game). They help loosen you up for a better round, and prevent injury and soreness. Click here to see pre-game golf stretches.

Yoga for Golf

Yoga for GolfYoga has so many benefits to golfers of any skill level or age. It not only improves your physical strength and well-being, but can do wonders in developing mental discipline, which as we know, is required to be a good golfer.
Read more about yoga for golf.

Pilates for Golf

Pilates for golfHow does Pilates help your golf game? Flexibility! Flexibility is extremely important in being a good golfer (and in everyday life). Pilates can make a dramatic difference in your flexibility, posture and overall well-being with some simple floor exercises. Click here to read more about Pilates for golf.

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