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Golf Blogs and Websites

A couple of my favorite past times (except for golfing, of course) is Twittering and  reading great golf blogs. I'm a big blog fan, although its hard to find time to follow ALL of them on a regular basis.

Still, there are a few golf blogs that stand out and keep me coming back for more. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Golf Girl's Diary
Patricia Hannigan authors this blog, which is one of my favorites. She does a great job of representing a women's point of view of all things golf. I learn about LPGA players on her blog, events and general happenings in the world of ladies golf (and men's).

Real Women Golf 
Another favorite, Real Women Golf is a fun blog by a figure-skater turned golfer named Heather. Her posts detail her adventures on the course, news in the world of women's and men's golf and other fun stuff.

Armchair Golf Blog
Neil, the author of this blog, is a great writer and really has a finger on the pulse of the golf world. He has great interviews and great information on his blog. I highly recommend it! Here's a great post on What Women Want: A Guide to ‘Women-Friendly’ Golf Facilities

Here are some other good blogs and sites worth mentioning:

The Golf Chick

Ladies On The Tee

World Golf - this huge golf site includes golf course reviews, vacation information, blogs from many different editors and so much more!

Cartpath - this is a fun social golf site where you can join, invite others and meet other golfers. Its a fairly new site, but is really taking off.

This is a limited list. Please check back as I will be adding more blogs to the list!

If you know of a great golf blog, please contact me and let me know!

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