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Golf Jewelry

A nice piece of golf jewelry always makes a great gift for a golfer gal. There are all types of jewelry to choose from, but I've found that the jewelry for lady golfers seems rather simple...perhaps utilitarian. One such piece of jewelry that falls into the category of useful, but cannot be described as simple is the Callaway magnetic bracelet.

Why Magnetic Golf Jewelry?

In the last few years, more and more athletes from all types of sports, swear by the benefits they achieve by wearing magnetic jewelry. Magnetic energy is believed by many to strength the body, help the healing of all types of injuries and ailments.

While some magnetic bracelets worn by many golfers are anything but beautiful, there are few that any woman will find attractive, and the perfect accessory on the greens.

For $79.95, its a great gift if you're looking for something a little more upscale.
Collection Series Womens Bracelet

Collection Series Womens Bracelet

"Callaway Collection Series Bracelet These Stainless Steel/Gold Plated Bracelets utilize proprietary IONETIX Technology which features magnetic elements in their construction. These materials have been used by the world's best athletes in many sports including Baseball, Biking, and Golf. Both come in either polished stainless steel or polished stainless with 18k gold plated accents. Each collection series bracelet has Ionetix ports on every other link which contains at least one 1200 gauss magnet.  "

Now this golf bracelet will be just as beneficial on the golf course, as it will be on your wrist during a dressy dinner date. Can't beat $59.95 for this beauty.

Sabona Lady Executive Dress Gold Duet Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona Lady Executive Dress Gold Duet Magnetic Bracelet

"Lady Executive Dress Gold Duet Magnetic Bracelet The Lady Dress Gold Duet is a lovely way to get the benefit of a magnetic bracelet. One 1200 magnet in each stainless steel link for the benefit, and the 18K gold plating and polished stainless combination for beauty! This one is the most popular bracelet for ladies! Everyone likes it!

Here are a few others you might find interesting.

Q-Ray Silver Deluxe
Sabona Lady Executive Regal Duet Magnetic Bracelet
Q-Link Ladies Stainless Steel SRT-3 Bracelet

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