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Golf Tee Bags

I've never really given much thought to golf tees. I always buy the big bag of tees on sale at Golfsmith and call it good. 
Selecting a golf tee thankfully isn't as tricky as selecting say, club sets or putters, but there are several types of tees, so do pay at least a little attention to what you're buying.

Tees come in different sizes. Tall tees are going to work best with longer clubs. If your driver has a larger club head, or you hit the ball higher off the ground, you'll probably want to try using the tall tees. Otherwise, your standard size wooden tee that you can buy in bulk for a few bucks will probably do just fine.

The biggest irritation I have with wooden tees is the way they break so easily. You can buy plastic tees and now there are even biodegradable tees (the Zero Friction tees). They will cost a little more, but they'll also last much longer.

Tee technology is improving though. The new Zero Friction tee has 4 prongs that the ball sits on. This design allows air underneath the ball while it sits on the tee, creating less drag when it's launched.

For me, there's just too many other things to think about in golf, so I'll be sticking with my cheap bag of wooden tees, at least for now.
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