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Golf Tips for Women

When I decided to put a Golf Tips for Women section on this site, I thought, who would be the best person to offer golf tips? Who has been golfing a long time and knows the game in and out?

That's when Letta Meinen came to mind. Letta is a passionate golfer. She LOVES the game. So much in fact, that she plays three to four times a week. She also schedules tee times a month in advance and sends the times to 22 friends who can pick and choose when they want to play (If I lived in Texas I would have to get myself on that list!).

golf tips for women
Letta has had SEVEN holes-in-one in her life. How many ladies can say that?

She is also the golf editor for, a website devoted to women's topics.

The most amazing thing about Letta is that she is 84 years old and is not planning on slowing down on the golf course anytime soon.

I asked her if she would contribute some golf tips for women on Ladies Golf Central, and she was generous enough to say yes. She always welcomes the opportunity to get more women interested in golf.

Do you have some golf wisdom you'd like to share? We'd love to hear about it. Just use the form below to share your golf tips.

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