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Golf Wedge - Tips for Using This Club Effectively

By Letta Meinen

The golf wedge is an important club to work on if you have high hopes of lowering your golf score.

It is possible for you to use at least three golf wedges around the green. Every set has a pitching wedge, sand wedge and maybe another club such as the 8 iron (which is what I use). Some also talk about a gap wedge.  I do not own a Gap wedge and have not used such a club. 

Around the green you will be either pitching or a chipping. It takes alot practice to control both of these types of shots.  You may have to pitch over a sand trap so your swing will be much different.  If your ball ends up off the green you will chip and let the ball roll up to the pin. Both of these types of shots take practice and if you want to lower your score spend some time around the practice green and work on these shots.

It takes skill in wedge shots and most of all a solid contact to the ball. This is where practice will help you to control the shot at different distances from the flag.

For the basic pitch shot,  you must set your weight on the left foot and center the ball in your stance. Your wrists will hinge back and you'll swing the same distance from back to follow through. This is where you will find just how far your back swing will be to get the right distance you want to go to the flag.

The more you practice these types of shots the closer you will come to the flag, resulting in fewer putts.

Tips for using this formula with the wedges involves using the visual of a clock. For example, swinging back to nine o'clock and following through to three o'clock for a short wedge shot. For a medium shot, your back swing will go to ten o'clock and follow through to two o'clock. A full wedge shot is from eleven to one on the clock face.

One big problem with the golf wedge is trying to lift the ball which results in a fat shot or a smothered shot, both leave you with bad results. Deciding which wedge you use on each of these shots takes practice. Pitching over the sand will take a more lofted wedge.

If you chip up to the green you could use a lower lofted club such as an 8 or 7 iron. This type of shot you will not want to hinge your wrists as it is more like a putting stroke where you want to lift the ball a short distance and let it run to the flag

With this type of shot the gap wedge is often used to make a soft chip, which lets  the ball roll. This all depends on how far away from the flag you are on your approach.

I recommend spending time around the practice green to get comfortable with the different wedge shots. This will help you determine which shot it will take to get close to the flag and lower that golf score.

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