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Hybrid Golf Clubs for Women

By Letta Meinen

The golf industry is continuing to develop new products for the golf enthusiast who is always on the look out for something to improve their game. Several years ago the hybrid golf club hit the market as an alternative for the long irons.

They advertised the hybrids for those who are older and wanted a club that was easier to use than those long irons. It's shaped like a wood but with a smaller head and a loft that would suit the #3, #4 and #5 irons. After a year these clubs became a much needed item and several club manufacturing businesses started producing more of these clubs.

I became the owner of three new hybrid clubs. I started with the #7.  I saw it advertised on the Callaway Golf outlet and ordered it. I wanted a club that would get up into the air with some distance to hit over water and hazards to the green.

It worked so well! I was praising it to my son who also loves golf. He gave me the Callaway Hybrid #3 for Christmas that year. I also found this club so useful, especially out of the rough or even fairway sand bunkers.

I then ordered the Callaway #5 and use all three of these clubs in every round of golf I play.

My hybrid clubs have lightweight shafts and head so they are easy to swing and make clean contact with the ball. I even asked if there would be any chance a #9 hybrid would be available at Callaway but didn't have one. I would love to have this for a couple of our difficult holes where the approach shot is over a creek and must drop onto the green located just over the embankment. My #8 and #9 irons don't seem to work as well for me but I keep working on them.

I saw an advertisement for a #8 Wedgewood hybrid with a 38 degree loft. I ordered it! My sand wedge is 32 degree loft so I thought this would help get that ball in the air.

It was heavier than I would like and it worked for a short time, then because it was heavier and different from my own Callaway clubs I had to put it aside. I let other friends try it but most of the women who tried it thought it was too heavy for them. The head on this club was much too large for my liking.

Some day I will find the hybrid club that will work for me in those difficult places on our golf course. Like most golfers I continue to find ways to improve my game. 

Golf has so many different shots one has to make during the 18 hole rounds, that keeping up with new equipment is a continual hunt for the latest new gadgets.

Try those hybrid clubs they are here to stay.

Callaway Women's RAZR X Hybrid

Callaway Women's RAZR X Hybrid

Women's RAZR X Hybrids leverage the new Zero Roll Design to help you hit higher and longer shots, even when struck low on the face. These inertia-driven clubs are highly playable and feature aggressive VFT Technology that generates hotter ball speeds so y

Callaway Women's Diablo Edge Hybrid

Callaway Women's Diablo Edge Hybrid

The new Women's Diablo Edge Hybrids have been specifically designed to provide women a more forgiving, distance enhancing alternative to long irons. The Vertical CG Optimization uses a 30% thinner crown to help lower the center of gravity, and place it in

Cobra Women's Baffler Rail Hybrid

Cobra Women's Baffler Rail Hybrid

Innovative Rail Sole - A four-way rail sole reduces the area of the club that comes in contact with the ground. The result is improved turf interaction and maximum forgiveness - making the Baffler Rail Hybrid the ideal long iron replacement.

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