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Ladies Golf Apparel

Ladies golf apparel has certainly evolved over the years. And can I just say, thank goodness! Gone are the days of ankle-length skirts and long sleeve blouses on the golf course (that's going waaaaay back).

Today, while there are guidelines for golf attire (depending on where you golf), there isn't a standard uniform for women on the course. Ladies golf apparel can range from conservative, to funky and trendy.

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Types of Ladies Golf Apparel 

Stylish Women's Golf Shirts
Want to look like a pro, even if you aren't? Try these fashionable women's golf shirts.ladies golf shirts

Classy Women's Golf Pants
Looking for golf pants appropriate for the course, yet stylish too? These are the my picks for great pants.

Cute (and sexy!) Women's Golf Skorts
Want to show off those great legs without revealing tooooo much? I love skorts - particularly these.

Fashionable Women's Golf Shorts
You need a couple pairs (or more!) to get through those hot summer days on the course. Try these golf shorts on for size.

Pretty Women's Golf Dressesgolf dresses
I didn't realize golf dresses existed until I started researching the topic. I'm impressed (the adorable dress on the right is by Adidas)! Click here to read more about golf dresses.

Sassy Women's Golf Hats
Having at least one golf hat in the closet is a must! Find one that fits your style.

And we sure can't forget...

Women's Golf Shoes
Shoes are so much fun to shop for - even golf shoes.

Golf Attire Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines when choosing a great golf outfit. Obviously golf course rules vary. Country clubs and private courses are going to be more strict. If in doubt, check out the course website or give them a quick call for their requirements:

Whatever you decide to wear to the course, make sure it's comfortable and makes you feel good (which in turns makes you more confident and a better golfer!).

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