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If you are petite, or vertically-challenged, you may feel more comfortable with ladies petite golf clubs. Your shots will be more accurate too. Petite golf clubs are usually 1 inch shorter then standard ladies clubs.  I bought petite clubs and I love them. I'm just under 5'2" and I always felt awkward swinging long clubs. When I started using my petite clubs, I started playing better. If you are over 5'2", you may be fine with standard length clubs.

The biggest problem is finding a good set. They are not going to be as widelyladies golf available as standard club sets, but they are out there. You may have to really search for the perfect set. I found mine in the pro shop at Kennedy Golf Course in Denver. They are La Jolla Lady Accents. Ask your local pro to suggest a good place to buy petite clubs or look around online.

I found a couple places online that carry petite clubs.


If you have trouble finding a good set of petite clubs, you should get your clubs custom fitted. Don't settle for clubs that are too long. Trust me, you'll have a better golf game (and much less frustration) with shorter clubs!

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