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Pilates For Golf

Pilates for golfI started taking Pilates several years ago and fell in love with it. Pilates for golf is a great idea because it really strengthens your core muscles and increases your flexibility and stability, which can really improve your swing and range of motion. It can also reduce your chance of injury.

In my very first Pilates class I remember sitting with my legs straight out in front of me. I tried to lean over and touch my toes and I could hardly do it. By the fourth class (which was only twice a week) I was already touching my toes with ease. Its amazing how it really helps your flexibility (watch your stomach flatten too after doing it for awhile!).

Some people claim that they can hit the ball farther and straighter after doing Pilates for golf. Obviously there's no guarantee of that result, but I do believe how it can affect your ability to swing stronger and straighter (because you'll develop strength in your torso to keep yourself from swaying right and left during your swing).

And just like with yoga for golf, you can do Pilates for golf in the comfort of your own home with a DVD and a little space on the floor. DVD's are available at

No excuses!

(With any exercise routine, be sure and talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise program.)

Golf Stretches

Golf stretchesSimple golf stretches can make a big difference in your game (and how you feel after your game). They help loosen you up for a better round, and prevent injury and soreness. Click here to see pre-game golf stretches.

Yoga for Golf

Yoga for GolfYoga has so many benefits to golfers of any skill level or age. It not only improves your physical strength and well-being, but can do wonders in developing mental discipline, which as we know, is required to be a good golfer.
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