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ladies golf

Women's Custom Golf Clubs

To find the perfect set of golf clubs for you, consider custom fitted clubs. women's custom golf clubs are going to give you the greatest value because they are adjusted to fit your unique measurements (height, arm length, swing etc).  Off-the-rack clubs are fine, but they are designed for the average women, not for you. women's custom golf clubs are going to give you the greatest chance of success (and happiness!) on the golf course.

womens custom golf clubsCustom fitted clubs are not expensive. I had my putter custom fitted at no additional charge then the cost of the putter itself. The pro shop where I bought it shortened it for me right on the spot because I was buying my set there.

You can customize your clubs based on static measurements such as height and arm length or you can go into a store like Dick's Sporting Goods and other golf retailers and have your swing analyzed with simulators and monitors to find the perfect fit for you.

Aren't custom fitted clubs just for advanced or professional golfers?

No! You don't have to be an advanced golfer to custom fit your clubs. In fact, you may become an advanced golfer a lot sooner if you start out with custom fitted clubs!

Bottom line...don't spend years, months or even days playing with clubs that are wrong for you! Its so easy to get your clubs custom fitted, and the benefit will be a much more enjoyable time on the course. 


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