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Tips for Using Women's Fairway Woods

By Letta Meinen

Women's fairway woods are not used as much as other clubs but are just as important.

On long par five holes you most likely need to use the #3 and the #5 as fairway woods. These seem to be the most used women's fairway woods in golf bag. It really isn't necessary to carry more than those two fairway clubs. With the new hybrids, these clubs come into play more often than the fairway woods.

I did have a #9 fairway wood, but found I was not using that club so I decided to take it out of my bag because my hybrids were used more often. I may not use the #3 fairway wood more than four or five times during my 18 holes, depending if my drives are getting off the tee like they should. On the par five holes I will use it to get a better shot to the green.

On my favorite course, we have one long par five hole with trees lining both sides of the fairway. It may take a driver and two #3 fairway wood strokes to get a good shot with a wedge to the green. Very tough hole!  

If you get into the trees you pretty much know your score will be an 8 or 9 or even higher if you get crazy and try a shot that you know you are not capable of pulling off. Sometimes our better judgment goes haywire when we think of our golf score instead making the correct shot.

I use my fairway #5 much more than the #3 as it is easier to use and I am certain that I can make a clean shot.  The #3  fairway wood is harder to use. The loft on the #3 club is not that good so getting the ball in the air for a clean shot takes concentration.

I use my #3 hybrid as I know that shot will go straight and the lightweight club is easy to handle. I like the #5 fairway wood so will use it if I feel the ball is lying in a more difficult position. You have to use your good sense and try not to manipulate a shot you cannot handle.

Using women's fairway woods takes practice on the driving range. Pick out some targets on the range and try to get your ball as close to that area. This will help you make better judgment on the course.

I use Callaway Great Big Bertha II clubs and have had them for six years. Since I am getting older I feel I should be measured for new clubs.

Doing a swing analysis would tell me what clubs for weight plus loft I should be using. I do work out on the driving range before I play 18 holes and also chip and putt, but I am thinking there are certain clubs that would suit me better if I have a swing analysis.  Your body attitude and strength do change with time, so a good analysis will be a good thing.

Keeping your fairway woods and other clubs in good condition is a must!

Golfing and walking are my only exercise. I love the game of golf. At my age of 83 I'm on my last set of golf clubs, so I make sure they are good ones! Those are the famous last words to any golfer!

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