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ladies golf

Women's Golf Clubs

Unless you're an experienced golfer, buying women's golf clubs can be a daunting task. There are so many different clubs on the market, how do you know which ones are going to be right for you?

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womens golf clubsI bought my first set of club (La Jolla Lady Accent) about nine years ago and I'm still using them. I had no idea what I needed so I relied on the pro to help me. I had taken a lesson with a girlfriend and afterwards we wandered into the pro shop where they had women's golf clubs on display. A pro shop probably isn't the cheapest place to buy ladies golf club sets, but this set had a special feature, which was perfect for me. They were for "petite" (okay, short) women!

I didn't even know that ladies petite golf clubs even existed. I was sold then and there. At just shy of 5'2", I had always felt like golf clubs were long and awkward for me. With these, I was sure to be a fabulous golfer!

Okay, well I'm still working on the fabulous part, but I do love my clubs. I spent about $500 on the set (including the bag,  putter, head covers and glove). I think it was money well spent. Buying a nice set of clubs meant being able to use them for a long time. I'm not a professional golfer. I golf for fun with the girls. But I would like to get better and play more often as I get older. I may upgrade at some point, but for now my $500 clubs are still working for me.

Finding the right set of clubs

If you are looking for your first set of clubs, but sure and find women's golf clubs. This may sound obvious, but when I was just learning, I thought I could play aroundwomens golf clubs with my husband's clubs. He's 6'1", and well, a man. His clubs are not really suitable for me. Even if you are tall, men's clubs are made differently then women's. Learn more about ladies golf club sets.

Womens golf clubs tend to be a little shorter in length (alot shorter if you buy ladies petite golf clubs), with more flexible shafts.

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Are you a lefty? You'll want to find yourself a set of left handed women's golf clubs. This does narrow your options a bit unfortunately, but you can find them.

Are you an advanced golfer or have special needs? Or maybe you prefer not to buy clubs "off-the-rack". Women's custom golf clubs are the way to go for you. Custom clubs are widely available at just about any golf retailer including places like Dick's Sporting Goods or Golfsmith. My putter was cut down for me (again because I'm a shorty) right in the pro shop. It took the guy about 5 minutes to shorten it. Easy as pie.

The most important thing is to find clubs that are going to be right for you. The wrong clubs are going to make golfing more frustrating, leaving you unhappy with the game. The right clubs can make a world of difference in how well you play, making golfing a fun, enjoyable experience!

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