ladies golf
ladies golf

Tips for Women's Golf Drivers & 
Improving Your Swing

By Letta Meinen

Women's golf drivers (or drivers in general) are written about more often than any other club, other than the putter.

Everyone wants to hit a long straight drive and they will do most anything to accomplish that. It might mean taking another lesson, trying out different drivers or even get fitted for the perfect custom driver.

The driver is the king club in your bag. It starts off each golf hole so you want the best results. Both men and women talk more about the driver and what they love about that special club when it works.

womens golf driversI decided to take a swing analysis and be properly fit to a new driver plus the rest of the set. I did enjoy this experience! The young man was very patient with this 84 year old Grannie as she spent an hour and half hitting golf balls into a net.

This was all done with an electronic machine that recorded my swing and could tell the distance, arc and accuracy of my shots. After all that I ordered a full set of the Callaway Big Bertha that he recommended.

Now just remember whenever you get new clubs you have to get used to the difference in weight, flex or design so you will have to work with them on the driving range.

I did this with my driver because it seemed strange at first, but the more I worked with it, the more it is finally coming around. I received my new clubs in March and now it is June and they are finally helping me score better. The Callaway Big Bertha driver is helping me get a good start off the tee.

If you check any magazine, golf retail store or your pro shop you will see all kinds of women's golf drivers. I would suggest you take a lesson and have your pro recommend the club that would fit you. If you are short or tall you need a club that is comfortable.  It also makes a difference as to the kind of tees are used. The new big headed clubs  may require you tee the ball higher.

I did find out during my swing analysis that I should tee the ball lower in order togolf tips for women get more rolling distance. Extra high tee shots may not roll as far, so the pro suggested teeing the ball lower.

Teeing lower did take some getting used to, but I do find that it is helps control the ball for a straighter shot. I am not the kind of gal who wants to fade or hook the ball. I prefer to go for the straight shot because I find I get in far less trouble!

The women's golf driver is a very important club in your bag.

I have played with gals that find their driver is not working, so they drop down to their three wood. That just tells me they are not setting up correctly for their driver. They may be standing too far back or too close. That is why it is important to have your pro help you with your set up and grip. 

When you master the driver, you will find it is the best club in your bag.

This all will make sense if you are an avid golfer and want to improve.

The average player is not necessarily concerned about her game or may not care to spend the extra money. I find that lady golfers want to improve once they play on a regular basis.

Just remember my old saying; "to keep a healthy mind and body try golf.  It will keep you swinging for the rest of your life."

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