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Women's Putters
Getting The Most Out Of It

By Letta Meinen

If you haven't checked out all the women's putters that are available, I would suggest you do it. It amazes me how many different types of putters are for sale at any golf outlet store and online. So many golfers are continually changing putters or buying a new design thinking it is the answer to all their putting woes.

It is important to find a putter that is comfortable for you, but finding the right putter is only the beginning. 

Many golfers rush out to play their round of golf without even putting a few balls on the practice green. Or they may hit a few before starting their round. That seems to be their only practice or warm up before hitting the first tee.

Any serious golfer knows that warming up before a round is the answer to better golf with less injury and exhaustion. To get your body in condition for putting, practice on the green or even with a bag of balls on the driving range. This will be the best way to lower your score and improve your game. You will be less stressed and in a better mind set to enjoy your game.

All this means is for you to get to the course early enough to do these things before your tee times.

To get serious about a putting practice session means you need to work on all phases of the putting stroke. From a comfortable putting grip, to the follow through, you need to work on every phase.  If you practice on the putting green you will find out what grip works best, just be sure it is comfortable for you. You don't want to hold the club too tight. A relaxed grip is best as you will be able to get a better feel for how the club strokes the ball to the hole.

When positioning yourself for a putt, make sure your eyes are directly above the ball with the putter in a straight line from your eyes to the ball.

The putting stroke is the simplest one.

It's just a shoulder turn away from the ball and an exact follow back through the ball. Practice this and you will know just how far back you need to bring the club to determine how far you want to ball to roll to the hole.

You must never move your head or have your eyes follow the club back. Any eye movement will throw your club off line. Also be sure and keep your head down as you strike the ball. Just like with any swing, keeping your head down and not lifting it too early is going to make a big difference in your stroke.

It is a good idea to have the logo showing up on the ball and stare at that spot as the shoulders turn the putter moves back and through and the ball will stay on line to the hole.

There are tools to put a line on your ball to show the way you want the ball to roll. I do not use this method as I depend on my judging the slope for myself and then depend on my smooth back stroke and follow through with eyes on the ball only.

The practice that will help you on the putting green will pay off during your round of golf. I see many different type of putting stances, stroke and alignment that never work. I have also seen many change putters many times and even take two putters up with them on the green as she will decide after she gets to her ball just which one will work. She will use one for a long putt and then a different one for short putts.

My women's putter is one of my first putters and is over 50 years old. Over the years I have bought new clubs and also new women's putters.  I found my old putter in my son's garage after giving him many of my husband's old clubs. This putter is a mallet type with a copper inset. I had it cut down since and re-gripped since it was a man's putter.

I have been working with it for over a year and the practice is paying off. I don't make every putt but have lowered my score and have fewer putts than before.

I intend to stay with this routine of practice before every round of golf from the driving range to chipping and putting. It is making my golf rounds more enjoyable.

Sticking with one putter is advisable. Start to work on the rest of the putting routine such as stance, grip and stroke and you will find your game much improved.

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