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Yoga for Golf

Yoga for golfWhat is yoga for golf? Well, if you're familiar with yoga, then you already know the benefits it can have in so many areas, including flexibility, strength, stamina and mental well-being.

Yoga can help a golfer improve her game in so many ways because it really does address both the physical and mental issues a golfer faces.  Yoga can help build strength in the core and torso area, improving posture and giving you more control in your swing.

Yoga can also help with stress reduction. Let's face it, stress can put a real damper on your game. When you're stressed, you're less focused, more tense and your golf score will show it. Yoga is great for increasing focus and relaxation, therefore reducing stress.

You don't have to go to a 90-hour class to get the benefits of yoga before your golf game. There are quick yoga stretches you can do to get you started on the right foot before you tee off. Check out the video "Lower Your Score" by Katherine Robert. She has some great yoga stretches she recommends for golfers.

Katherine Robert's developed Yoga For Golfers. A golfer herself, Katherine developed the program to help golfers maximize their mind-body performance on the course. I recommend checking out her videos and books as she is somewhat of a guru on the topic.

Golf Stretches

Golf stretchesSimple golf stretches can make a big difference in your game (and how you feel after your game). They help loosen you up for a better round, and prevent injury and soreness. Click here to see pre-game golf stretches.

Pilates for Golf

Pilates for golfHow does Pilates help your golf game? Flexibility! Flexibility is extremely important in being a good golfer (and in everyday life). Pilates can make a dramatic difference in your flexibility, posture and overall well-being with some simple floor exercises. Click here to read more about Pilates for golf.

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